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Let's BeeFrank....

It's sooo beefin' good!​


If you are hungry and in a hurry come find us!

Famous Since 1937

Welcome To Let's BeeFrank Food Truck

If you are hungry and in a hurry we welcome you to try one of the best hot dogs you will ever eat. We have been serving customers since 1937 famous for our flavorful hot dogs and equally famous secret 100 year old chili recipe. 

We can't wait to meet you and we hope you become part of our beefin' family!

What Makes Us Special 

Famous Franks

Our 'Famous Franks' have history! Our manufacturer is Sabrett. We directly buy from their factory in NY/NJ. We have been their customer since 1937. They make a specific recipe just for us. Which is why an averag​e consumer cannot get our hotdogs from any store or supermarket. 

Our franks have a smokey flavor to them, when you bite into the natural casing it snaps, and then all the juicy flavor explodes in your mouth. It's so good you can't just have one! 










Hot dog chilli with cheese 3_edited.png

Spicy Sausage

Our 'Spicy Sausages' are for those who love their spicy food. It's got a serious kick to it. They are thicker and bigger tha​n our Famous Franks. You can try any one of our toppings either spicy or sweet to give it the flavor you desire.



                     MOBILE RETAIL SALE **
















Smash Burgers

Our Smash Burgers are now probable our biggest sellers. What makes our Smash Burgers so special is our meat, it comes from a local butcher fresh daily. We do not buy our meat frozen and pre-made. We hand roll each ball. Our bread comes from a local bakery fresh daily. The bread we use is a French roll that has a beautifully egg-washed crust and soft squeezable middle. It holds the juices of the burger well and doesn't fall apart when you eat it or get soggy. Each of our burgers comes with Lettuce, Tomatoes, Raw Onions, and American Cheese. You can opt out of any of these or all of these. Or you can add any of the other toppings we offer to jazz it up.

But the Piece de Resistance is our very own secret homemade burger sauce. Even by itself, it makes you want to have a burger. It's so good you want to use it on everything! We use it as our salad dressing and even dip our chips in it. We look forward to selling it in stores near you soon. Stay tuned!

Classic Smash Burger.jpeg

Original Philly Cheesesteaks

Our Original Philly Cheesesteaks are quickly gaining popularity. We season the meat perfectly. It comes with sauteed onions, green bell peppers, topped with provolone and American cheese carefully placed perfectly inside an 8" hoagie roll. 














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